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Oliver Apex 900

專業壁球拍 - Oliver



Champion Edition
That‘s where power comes into play. A powerful longstring racquet with a greatly expanded sweet spot and very high ball acceleration. The perfect alternative for all players looking for a racquet for a dynamic and powerful game.


“If you are looking for a grip-heavy, dynamic and powerful racquet then you will not give up the APEX 900 after the first play test.”
Simon Rösner (WR PSA No.6 / Feb. 2018).


Material Eplon™+K12
Form Longstring
Weight (±g) 105g
Balance grip-heavy
String / Rec. Kg SQ-X9 | L12 / 10 Q



完美的碳纖維材質本色,電鍍銀的中空字體框線凸顯俐落速度感,帶有絢麗反射的華艷炫綠色品牌Logo,卻低調地環繞在拍框內部,由冠軍Simon Rosner所推薦使用,適合頂尖職業級選手擁有。



空拍重量: 105g
送黑色防水壁球全拍套可測背, 壁球
定價 10000 特價:4800

NT. 4800

Oliver Orca III

專業壁球拍 - Oliver


The new ORC-A III not only impresses with its low weight but also for its high ball acceleration. The characteristic waves of ORC-A line absorb excellent vibrations and relief the arm muscles. Due to the slightly top heavy balance is ORC- A III an ideal power racket with easy handling.


Material Braided Nano-Eplon™
Form Long String
Weight(±g) 115g
Balance slightly head heavy
String / Rec. Kg SQ-X5 | 13 L / 11 Q


空拍重量: 115g
送黑色球拍套, 壁球.
定價 8800, 特價:4300

NT. 4300

Oliver Orc-A Supralight

專業壁球拍 - Oliver



The new ORC-A SupraLight combines a lightweight racket with excellent power-generating ball acceleration. The Wave design of the ORC-A line absorbs vibration for comfort and provides excellent cushioning to prevent arm fatigue. Due to the slightly top-heavy balance of the ORC-A SupraLight, it is an ideal manoeuvrable racquet for attacking play.


Material Braided Eplon™
Form Long String
Weight 110g
Balance slightly top-heavy
String / Rec. Kg. SQ X5 / 13 L / 11 Q
Target Group Professionals


有別於初代Orca黑卡球拍的消光黑,超輕量ORC-A SupraLight利用亮面溫暖深琥珀劃出區隔,飽滿的光澤感配合暖色系深琥珀相得益彰,再帶出黑卡招牌的埃及金環飾,閃耀卻不失低調。

新一代ORC-A SupraLight結合纖盈球拍的輕巧與出色的擊球量能加速作用。ORC-A系列的埃及金環飾不僅令人側目,側翼位置的波浪設計更吸收了擊球振動提供手部極佳舒適感,並擁有強大緩衝性防止手臂疲勞。 全體拍框輕盈但在頭部重量微添加一絲比重,保持雖輕卻仍是進攻強操控佳的理想球拍。適合專業人士使用。


空拍重量: 110g
送黑色壁球防水全拍套可側背, 壁球
定價: 9000 特價: 4500


NT. 4500


專業壁球拍 - Oliver


The racket-head combines two systems the concave form to enlarge the sweetspot and the convex area that ensures stability. This characteristic features a maximum of power and an excellent ball control, beacuase of the slightly grip-heavy laying. Ideally suited for all-around player.


Material MC-Eplon™

Form Long String
Weight 105g
Balance s. gripheavy
String / Rec. Kg SQ-X5 | 13L / 11Q
Target group Tournament players

空拍重量: 105g
送黑色球拍套, 壁球
定價 7900, 特價:3800

NT. 3800

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